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The Course Depot
The Course Depot is the most up-to date spot with links and downloads to ALL golf sims

The Course Depot Forum
Golden Bears Den
Golden Bear Web Page Links
JN Golf Community
The Copyright Club (PGA 99/2000) - TW2002

Brian Silvernail Golf Course Designs
Chris Perry JN Page - Tutorials and Paint Shop Pro Tips
Jeff Reel Design
Paul O'Briens Textures & Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Course Download Sites

Gus N Golf
download.gif (6736 bytes)  True North Golf
download.gif (6736 bytes) Puhman Course Index & Previews (JN4-GBC)

A WinZip compatible unzipping utility and
Accolade's Jack Nicklaus 5 are required for play.   
Activision's JN6 / GBC are required for play.