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GBC / JN6 Courses         Tiger Woods 2002 Courses

Select the game (GBC or TW2002) to see courses under construction. 
Then behind each course splash screen there are preview screenshots of the course.

GBC / JN6 Courses Under Construction

Welcome to my GBC Preview section. 

Torrey Pines 2005

2005 | GBC Release.  Upgrade from a Terry Armstrong GBC design


Bandon Dunes

Bandon Dunes
2004 | GBC Release.  Co-Design with Andy Hinds

Bandon Dunes is a co-design with Andy Hinds.  We have started work on this course and it features
a great horizon taken from acutal photos of the course.  Andy has left the project, but I am continuing
work on this great golf course.


Possible Future GBC Releases

Oakmont Country Club *
GBC Release. 

Oakmont Country Club is a under renovation.  This was an early GBC release by Chris Clouser
that I am updating.

* = Real Courses

GBC / JN6 Un-Released Courses

Welcome to my GBC un-released courses section.  These courses were originally done
for JNSE - JN5, but never released.  The best holes from these courses have been
included in "The Brookshire Club".

National Country Club

National Country Club (JNSE/JN4/JN5/GBC) Never Released
Oak Glen C.C.

Oak Glen Country Club(JN5/GBC) Never Released
Shadowbrook C.C.

Shadowbrook Country Club(JN4/GBC) Never Released
Winding Brook Country Club

Winding Brook Country Club(JNSE/GBC) Never Released
Bel - Air Ridge

Bel - Air Ridge (JNSE/GBC) Never Released
Coventry Glen

Coventry Glen (JN5/GBC) Never Released

Tiger Woods PGA 2002 Courses Under Construction

Welcome to my Tiger Woods PGA 2002 Preview section. 
Updated: 02 /10 / 2002.  I have ordered the Tiger Woods PGA2002 game and will be converting these
to that format.

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