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Desert Pines Preview Page  

Par Black Blue White Red
72 7253 6902 6314 5646


Hole #1  Par 4
Desert Pines Hole# 1
429 415 379 343
The first will test your driving accuracy right away.  This hole features 7 bunkers and many un-even lies.


Hole #4  Par 4
Desert Pines Hole# 4
416 382 353 256
The 4th is a slightly downhill par 4 with a narrow gap about 125 yards from the hole.  This requires either a layup or a perfectly placed driver.


Hole #9  Par 4
Desert Pines Hole# 9
417 402 356 309
The 9th is uphill off the tee to the top of a hill and then features a downhill approach to a well bunkered green.


Hole #14  Par 5
Desert Pines Hole# 14
535 505 457 413
This dogleg right par 5, features a fairway split by a large pine.  The approach shot will have water short right and long for those going for the green in 2.


Hole #15  Par 4
Desert Pines Hole# 15
380 358 330 312
Shorter par 4 that doglegs to the left.  A creek splits the fairway and comes back in front of the green.


Hole #18  Par 4
Desert Pines Hole# 18
468 449 419 367
The finishing hole is a long dogleg left par 4.  A fairly small landing area with bunkers left and right and water long, will catch the wayward tee shot.  The power draw can be great here, but requires great accuracy and can be risky.

Note: All yardages are to the center of the green.
2001 Copyright to Scott A. Antes Golf Course Design