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Carolina Hills Preview Page 

Par Black Blue White Red
72 7354 6864 6363 5737

         Welcome to Carolina Hills Country Club.  Course yardages are not yet finalized.
This is an upgrade of my original JNSE, JN4 and JN5 course.  The JN6 version will
include some upgrades from the JN5 course that I felt were needed.

Hole #3 Par 5

Carolina Hills Hole# 2

568 527 495 452

The 3rd is a par 5 that doglegs slightly to the left.  Water down the right side off the tee presents a very difficult drive.


Hole #7  Par 4

Carolina Hills Hole# 7

436 423 395 369

The 7th is a dogleg right par 4 that plays uphill to the green on the approach shot.  Water down the right and long off the fairway.


Hole #14 Par 4

Carolina Hills Hole# 14

451 438 403 367

A great par 4 that doglegs right with water down the right side.  Water left of a very small green for your approach shot.

Note: All yardages are to the center of the green.
2004 Copyright to Scott A. Antes Golf Course Design