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Augusta National Preview Page 

Par Black Blue White Red
72 7340 7290 6317 6317

       Course yardages are based on the following:
Black tees are set as close to the official PGA yardages from last years final round *
Blue tees are set at the official Augusta black tee yardages.
White / Red tees are set as close to actual as possible from the information I have obtained.
Welcome to the Augusta National 2003 Version preview page.  Home of the "Masters" tournament.
Special Thanks to Scott Chesney for a great JN course to start from and to Jeff Reel for giving
me some great pictures to work from and some very important insight.

Hole #11 Par 4

augusta11.jpg (12207 bytes)

490 490 395 395

The longer 11th hole will play much more difficult with a longer approach from a downhill / sidehill lie.


Hole #13 Par 5

Augusta National Hole# 13

510 510 485 485

The 13th is a shorter par 4 that can be reached in 2.  A true risk / reward par 5 with water left and short.


Hole #18 Par 4

Augusta National Hole# 18

465 465 375 375

The 18th is a dogleg right par 4 and all uphill.  A tough finishing hole.

* All par 3's played longer than official yardages for the final round of the 2002 Masters.
Note: All yardages are to the center of the green.
2003 Copyright to Scott A. Antes Golf Course Design